The Light is fully stocked!

We received an incredible donation of food from Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Temple. If you are need of food, please contact us. 

The Perfect Example

A foster mom in need of baby items calls. We post her requests on Facebook and throughout our network. Our volunteers immediately offer what they have and drop it off for her. 

It's so EASY! You can help too! 


Our services are now offered on demand. If you have a need for or a question about ANYTHING, let us know and we'll put our caring, giving network of volunteers into action. We will take requests on Facebook, by phone 201-867-9161, and via email from people in need of food, clothing, baby items, employment help, spiritual counseling, family resources, and truly anything else you could think of. Our skills and resources are too far and wide to list. 


*Want to serve your community?  Email your information, skills, and resources to or just follow us on Facebookto find out when we have information about someone in need.